Gellakk “Velvet” V01-V11

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190.00kr ( Ink mva )


VELVET line – is a medium colored gel polish line, most of them are vitrail

To get the VELVET effect – you can use V01 Silver Base, S150 or S151  under Velvet line color, or you can play with other  colors.

Solid but flexible, self-leveling on the surface of the nail.

Majestic” gel polish is used with primer, e.g. “Majestic Bonder” (Non-acid, air-drying primer) and The Base, e.g. “Majestic Base & Top Coat  or SOAK OFF BASE.
Black, light resistance, sealed glass package.

  • 15 ml
  • UV Lamp – 2 min.
  • CCFL – 60 s

Color in the picture is just a visual tool. Depending on the monitor or general lighting, in reality color may be different .

For professional use only.