Xtreme Fusion Gel

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New generation, non-heating, dense acrylgel builder product, which can be shaped perfectly and filed easily. At sculpting the controllability of the gel and the durability of forming of the acrylic powder characterizes it. After curing, the flexibility of gels is combined with the strength of the acrylic. Can be shaped after curing and cleansing.

The brand new tube package provides clean working conditions. Accurate dosing: a sufficient amount of material is applied to the nail without loss of material. The sculpting is faster with it, compared to the gel and acrylic. No need for base gel.

Only use it Crystal Nails with Cleanser, what cannot cause allergic reaction and has no unpleasant smell.

Xtreme Fusion Gel is available in the 3 most popular French colours:  Cover Pink, Clear and White.

Cure time in UV lamp 4-5 mins, in LED: 1-2 mins.


Crear, Cover Pink, Extra White, White, Transparent Pink